Mark Jeffery and Claire Ashley

Mark Jeffery is a longtime performance artist who has worked with Lin Hixson in the collaborative group Goat Island as well as a long time partnership with collaborator Judd Morrisey. He is also a faculty member in the Contemporary Practices department and the Performance department at School of the Art Institute. Mark and Judd Recently worked with Claire Ashley on a project called The Precession with appeared in a number of iterations at the Hyde Park Art Center.

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Claire Ashley is primarily a sculptor, but her work often deals with the intersections between painting and sculpture and often manifests as large plastic inflatable works. She recently exhibited at Onewall, as well as built two pairs of inflatable wings which appears prominenty as performance objects in The Precession. She is also a faculty member in the Contemporary Practices department (where she sometimes co-teaches with Mark Jeffery) as well as the Painting and Drawing department at School of the Art Institute.

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Josh Reames and Amber Thomas

Josh Reames is a Painting and Drawing graduate at SAIC. Working alternately in painting and various sculptural formats, much of his work deals with faith, doubt and the space between these categories where things begin to collapse. Josh recently had a exhibit at Onewall entitled EPOCH which involved a number of pieces tied around the theme of significant transitions.


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Amber Thomas is a post-baccalaureate in Painting and Drawing, and soon to be graduate also at SAIC. She utilizes a combination of ready-mades and meticulously crafted minimal objects. In her recent show at Onewall, called Sticks Will Be Sticks, she created a series of anthropomorphized 2×4 sculptures which are hinged and combined with other objects.


In addition to their individual work, they recently collaborated on a piece as part of a show about artist couples. We talk about their process and recent work, and then about the experience of being married, artists and students in the same place.

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Lin Hixson

We talk to the performance artist Lin Hixson, co-founder of the longtime performance group Goat Island, about her most recent project- A piece three years in the making which was performed for five days at the MCA in mid February, as well as her time spent working in Los Angeles, and some general conversation about the performance art form, among other things.

***The audio quality is unfortunately not ideal due to a faulty microphone in the first two thirds of the interview. Whoops!***

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Every House Has A Door

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